The students from the High School ‘Val de L’Ouin’ in Mauleon enjoyed an ever so British afternoon teatime with the teaching staff on Friday 1st of December. After a few hours of preparation in the classroom learning the vocabulary of the cooking utensils, the ingredients and the action verbs, the students of the 2nde TCVA and SAPAT classes put on their aprons and hair nets and stepped into action. They spent all morning in the high school kitchen following the instructions in English, weighing, mixing, whisking, and baking to make four typical English teatime recipes. The sponge cakes, scones (with jam and cream), the brownies and shortbread all turned out very well.

What a pleasure it was for the students to serve the delicious cakes and biscuits they had made to the members of staff along with a traditional cup of tea. what else? There was plenty for everyone to taste and enjoy the result of all their hard work.

Not only did the students acquire useful everyday vocabulary but also learnt and put into practice the use of the past, present and future tenses, and needless to say we all had lots of fun and enjoyed this experience to the full.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”. Albert Einstein.

Feedback for the students

Clarise and Fiona : It was cool and fun to cook in English. We spent time working together on a common project. We learnt the three tenses, future, present and past.

Heley, Nathan and Marwa : It was very funny and there was a great atmosphere! We learnt the verbs, the kitchen utensils, and the ingredients for cooking.

Lise, Celia and Louan : It was funny but very short! The cakes were delicious but the shortbread was a little overcooked. Celia was very motivated as she likes cooking. Lise liked it because it was funny. Louan liked it eating the Dough.